A collection of mini valves on a shelf in various colours and metals.

Use tiny valves when you want flow control

Fittings Valves
A pneumatic connection between tiny valves and blue tubing.

Tubing for airline fittings

Agriculture Fittings Manufacturing Material handling
Mark Vinsen and Jacob Lewis stand in front of boxes of 26000 Vodka in a warehouse.

Food grade equipment helps restart Nelson premium beverage brand

Filtration Fittings Food grade
A pile of brass fittings.

The OG of metals - bronze

Stainless steel stockets.

Why you should choose stainless steel fittings

Fittings Food grade
Galvanised camlocks sitting in a pile on a shelf.

Camlock types and materials explained

Agriculture Automotive Chemical Fittings Manufacturing Material handling Pumps Vacuum
Ball valves with red, yellow, and blue handles displayed on a white peg wall.

Butterfly valves versus ball valves

Fittings Valves
Brass fittings in blue plastic display boxes with a product tag.

Pneumatics and hydraulics fittings

Fittings Manufacturing Material handling

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