Galvanised fittings on a shelf

Get lost in our massive selection of galvanised fittings. From unusal sizes to large quantities to the basics, we have what you need.

Allflow's sales specialist Jacob Lewis reckons they stock the largest selection of galvanised fittings in the region.

"I know our selection is good, but it's the customers who tell me it's the best in the region," Jacob admits.

Never one to brag, Jacob says Allflow cultivates its range by stocking as many sizes as possible, some fittings up to 6" (see the massive tee above).

When asked why, Jacob says, "Because other shops don't, it's pretty simple. Here at Allflow you can find almost any size imaginable in stock and you can find the quantity you need because we have lots on hand in the common sizes.

"Then, if you're looking for odd bits, we have a few of these on the shelves as well. And if it's not on the shelf, we can get it in the next day.

"There aren't many shops that can do that, whether in Nelson, Richmond, or even in the South Island."

Beyond size, the galv range consists of table E fittings, the most common in New Zealand, ANSI class, which are highly uncommon, as well as PN10-16.

"We honestly get asked for everything when it comes to galvanised. One customer wanted to make up some commercial style furniture, using a collection of galv fittings - that was a pretty unusual request."

So if it's durability at a reasonable cost, galvanised steel is your option. Jacob says, "Just be sure not to expose it to salt water - the only option for salt water will be stainless."

What makes galv so popular?

You want your fittings made from a metallic that won't corrode, but steel corrodes when exposed to moisture.

You could go to aluminium, but that's more expensive than your basic steel. We sell aluminium fittings.

You could go to stainless steel, but that costs even more than aluminium. (We sell stainless steel fittings as well.)

But all you need is something durable that's inexpensive.

Galvanised steel is your option. You probably know that galvanized steel is regular steel sheets that have been coated in zinc to make them corrosion resistant. Because regular steel is made of iron, it rusts when wet and would corrode to the point of failure.

If you have no budget concerns, switch to a metal that won't corrode, and pay less. Or, if cost matters, you have galvanised steel, the most economical choice.