A clean automotive engine looking under the bonnet.

Whether you're working in the auto engineering field at work or at home, building or repairing mechanical parts, or pumping and filtering fuels and oils, we carry a range of automotive products that adhere to international standards and are of the highest quality, which is important in this combustible field of work.

That's because we only buy products from the best companies in the world. Spanish manufacturer MIKALOR is one example. Well known for their clamps, which are the go-to clamp for engineers, their heavy duty clamp can be mounted in the most awkward applications without having to remove the hose. It can be opened up and fastened again when in place without dislodging any other parts of the clamp, making assembly much easier.

Most of the fuel hose we stock meets international standards for safety and appropriate use. For example, those bearing the SAE 30R7 rating, like the fuel line rubber hose below, meet the requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers and are recommended  for low pressure/high temperature fuel for passenger car, light truck and small engine applications.

The most popular fuel hose we sell is the Lola push-lock hose, which is recommended for petroleum-based hydraulic oils, hot lubricant oils, diesel fuels, as well as air. It's also high heat and oil resistance.

Take a look at three types of oil delivery hose here for fuel lines and for high and low pressure uses. The red hose on this page is for when you just don't need a super high tech hose for the work you're doing, but still want a solid alternative that meets our strict requirements.  

We have heavy duty oil delivery hose as well as heavy duty oil suction and delivery hose for you to compare.

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Our team has a vast knowledge of the clean water and wastewater industry including the specialised equipment we sell. We pride ourselves on quality products and decades of expertise. To better serve you, we continually look for every opportunity to expand our knowledge and product lines.

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