The WaterMate from above with the lid removed, looking into it and seeing the coloured filters and interior pump.

WaterMate saves a large Northland property from effluent overload

Agriculture Filtration Greywater Wastewater
Two glasses of water side by side, on the left dirty water and on the right clear clean water.

From murky and unsafe to clear and healthy

Agriculture Filtration Food grade
A collection of mini valves on a shelf in various colours and metals.

Use tiny valves when you want flow control

Fittings Valves
Fire moving across grass with charred grass behind and fresh grass in front of the moving flame.

Choosing a firefighting pump

Agriculture Pumps
A woman in a blue shirt at a kitchen sink turning on the faucet to fill a glass with water.

Choices for water filtration

Filtration Plumbing
A bunch of white and blue speckles, which are microplastics, sitting on the tip of an index finger.

Microfibres in septic systems

Filtration Plumbing Wastewater
A pneumatic connection between tiny valves and blue tubing.

Tubing for airline fittings

Agriculture Fittings Manufacturing Material handling
Mark Vinsen and Jacob Lewis stand in front of boxes of 26000 Vodka in a warehouse.

Food grade equipment helps restart Nelson premium beverage brand

Filtration Fittings Food grade

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