Two glasses of water side by side, on the left dirty water and on the right clear clean water.

Allflow customer Jan Dissel draws drinking water from a spring near his Golden Bay home. The house was built in 1971 and Jan and his partner bought it five years ago. Since it was built, drinking water was filtered through only one, low-level water filter cartridge.

“The water was murky and it had a muddy taste. We were concerned about the health impacts because we draw on a spring and we’re older. The spring seems clean but we don’t want to take any chances. The idea of UV water filtration to kill all the bugs and bad things was extremely appealing.”

A separate building on the property contains an office for Jan’s business. That building has UV water filtration and Jan could literally see and taste the difference in the water. Early in 2020, he decided it was time for a change.

Jan had shopped at Allflow many times for water filters, hose and other fittings in the past, so one day when he was already at the shop, he talked to the team about UV options.

“The staff were very helpful, and they were clear and did not use jargon. And they weren’t pushy. I felt very well informed and because I’d shopped there previously, I knew the service would be good.”

He purchased a Puretec UV water filtration system from Allflow for the main house, and he and his partner couldn’t be more pleased.

Jan’s plumber installed the water filtration system, which went smoothly.

“We now have a double water filter and the water is clearly better. It has a normal taste and it’s cleaner. The UV part of the system was really important to us because of the stream. It’s a change that will benefit our health, we are sure of this.”

“We are delighted to have clean, healthy water now. At our age, we have to be very careful and the UV is the safest choice.”