A collection of mini valves on a shelf in various colours and metals.

Valves are found virtually everywhere. They're used for water and sewage processing, irrigation, power generation, food manufacturing ... and every single industrial and manufacturing process.

The point of a valve is to control the flow of a substance, so, if you're after flow, why would you choose a teeny, tiny, mini valve?

Well, one answer is obvious. Miniature valves fit in small places. Their compact design can be perfect for small machinery.

But the primary reason to have a mini valve is for precise control. Whether you're moving water, air, gases, and other materials, our Jacob Lewis says you'll want to go mini when you need an exact measurement to flow through the valve. And Allflow stocks heaps.

"We stock ball, needle, and other mini valves in brass, stainless steel, and plastic," Jacob says. "Depending on the use, we tell customers to spend their money to get the right end result. This is an important piece of equipment.

"As with everything, plastic is the most economical. We've got a higher end stainless steel needle valve in 8mm that is perfect for food grade needs. In between those, we carry a lot of nickel plated brass mini valves for your regular use."

While our website features only the most popular mini valves we have, Jacob says he stocks many more and can order whatever customers need. Get in touch if you can't find what you're looking for on our website.