Mark Vinsen and Jacob Lewis stand in front of boxes of 26000 Vodka.

The first time Mark and Christine Vinsen met Jacob Lewis of Allflow was when Jacob sucked out their septic tank on a property they owned in Cable Bay. Nearly two decades later, Mark and Christine asked Jacob to help them realise a new business opportunity.

Over the last 20 years the couple has been involved with various local waste companies and has remained a Allflow customer. When Jacob hears dogs barking outside, he knows Mark and Christine aren’t too far away, as they always bring their French Bulldogs, Spud and Bug, along to the Allflow shop.

“For us it’s an old relationship that keeps flowering,” Mark says. “We come into the shop all the time. We ask about Jacob, Amos, Clayton, their families, and we have a good catch up each time. It’s been a longstanding, loyal relationship.”

Last year Mark and Christine decided to make the ambitious decision to add a new venture to their lives: they bought the 26000 Vodka brand, which was originally founded in Nelson in the mid-2000s. Using the brand, they are launching a new company called Liquid Corp to sell 26000 Vodka and, in time, other beverages.

“We have consent to use the cleanest, clearest, blue water you’ve ever seen to make our vodka. Still, we want to be completely safe and we are filtering it before making the vodka. Naturally, I went to the guys at Allflow for help setting up this process.”

At Allflow, Jacob advised him to purchase a four-filter system from Puretec, along with various stainless steel food grade fittings and hose. Mark says the filtration system “takes our 26,000-year old bore water and makes it perfect.”

The water moves through a system of stainless steel pipes and fittings and it is pumped to the bottling station, sealed, and packaged. An air pump and compressor from Allflow, along with air tubing and more fittings, completes the manufacturing process at the bottling and capping phase.

Mark built all of this himself from a drawing he showed Jacob.

“These guys are so experienced, I brought in my drawing and they knew what I was after and helped me piece together all the parts I needed so I could build it the way I wanted to. I was after quality parts and I know I can get that at Allflow. It may have cost me a bit more to do it this way, but that’s fine with me. I know I’m getting the quality I want.”

Christine says she is grateful for the knowledge Allflow has because it gives her confidence. “We know we can go to Allflow with an idea, like Mark’s sketch, and they know exactly how to help us. They are the experts at what they do and they give us confidence that we are on the right track and getting the right products for what we want to achieve.”

In time Mark and Christine aim to expand their beverage line to include other products like seltzers. Allflow aims to be right alongside as Mark and Christine expand.

“We have been Allflow customers for years and we’re extremely happy with the relationship,” Mark says. “I know they are selling me products that meet my requirements for my business. I know whatever they sell me isn’t going to fail.

“Plus, we have a mutual respect and trust, and I’m into loyalty. They’ve looked after me for many years.”

See the 26000 production setup on our YouTube Channel.

Spud and Bug:

Spud and Bug, two pug dogs sitting on a black mat in front of a door.