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The Puretec Hybrid-P1 is an all-in-one filtration system. It comes with pump provision, 3-stage filtration and finishing, and UV sterilisation.

Designed specifically for both mains water and rainwater supply, this model is the Hybrid P1 and is a complete plug and play package. It's weatherproof, rodent-proof, tamper proof, and low noise. It is designed to sit neatly against a wall, fence or tank, or can also be freestanding. It comes in a lockable cabinet with gull-wing style doors for ease of access for maintenance.

This model does not include a pump or switchover valve but has the allowance to install your own pressure system into the unit. Ask us for more information about these additional products, we're here to help.

This UV filtration system is part of Allflow's Total Water Solution: everything you need for your home's rainwater, greywater, and wastewater systems. We can supply all the equipment you'll need for these systems, including any UV filtration product.


  • Max pump dimensions: 560 (H) x 540 (W) x 240 (D) mm
  • 20" housings, 1" connection
  • Bacteria protection - Kills 99.9% of E. Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts with Radfire ™ ultraviolet technology, natural process that’s completely eco-friendly and chemical-free.
Replacement parts and cartridges
1st Stage Filtration: PL05MP2
2nd Stage Filtration: CB05MP2
3rd Stage Filtration: PX01MP2
High output UV lamp, 46W: RL6
Quartz Sleeve:
Flow rate: -
Maximum Temperature: 52°C
Connection: 1” BSP [25mm]
Hybrid Dosage:
Flow rate @40mJ/cm²: 54 Lpm
Flow rate @30mJ/cm²: 70 Lpm
Flow rate @16mJ/cm²: 130 Lpm
Warranty: 3 years^

Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridges. ^3 Year Platinum Protection applies to Puretec Systems when used in conjunction with a Puretec filter cartridge. Warranty excludes cartridges.

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