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We can supply all the equipment you'll need to your plumber or drainlayer. We also advise on rainwater and greywater systems and design and install wastewater systems.
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Our wastewater specialists

Alastair Lewis

Alastair Lewis

Allflow wastewater consultant

Alastair has been working in the wastewater field for more than 40 years, starting out in 1977 when the Lewis family ran a septic tank cleaning operation with vacuum tankers.

Alastair says the Allflow team makes sure they are up to date with the very best and most sustainable wastewater products available on the market. “We research around the world, at trade shows and through our contacts in the industry, and we always look for quality in whatever we provide to our customers.”

Clayton Lewis

Clayton Lewis

Sales consultant and technical advisor

Clayton is the problem solver on the Allflow team and that’s the way he likes it. When there’s a particular customer request that’s a bit out of the ordinary, it’s often fired through to Clayton for resolving.

Providing both technical and sales support at Allflow, Clayton works mainly in the shop but also assists Alastair with the wastewater enquiries.

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