A pile of PVC fittings.

While Allflow stocks a huge range of products in stainless steel, bronze, and even brass, products made of plastic and PVC remain very popular because of their versatility and smart price. What makes plastic the choice for budget conscious professionals?


Plastic and PVC products are heavily resistant to corrosion that can affect metal fittings. Especially underground, PVC pipe is highly preferred because corrosion is not a factor, PVC is completely resistant.


If you're looking use to chemicals in your fittings and pipes, PVC is resistant to chemical reagents and disinfectants. Acids, oxidising solutions, alkalis, fluorides, brine, mineral oils, fats, alcohols, and on and on - all of these can be moved through PVC without worry.


The smooth lining of PVC pipe, when compared to other metals or even concrete, reduces water flow resistance and maximises water pressure. It also prevents build up in sewage and waste water systems as well as reducing pumping costs and is more leak-free due to the lack of joints that tend to encourage liquid loss.


There's no getting around it, Plastic is cheaper. If you use PVC regularly, you know that it's by far the cheapest product toinstal for customers. It's low breakage rates and long life cycles also contribute to the lower overall cost. If you're sticking to a budget, PVC is your choice.


And the results of a field test by The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA) found that PVC pipe installation was over 30 percent faster than the same size concrete pipe - so PVC saves you time!

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