A yellow and clear spiral ducting hose attached to a black part.

Our customers are always looking for good value in what they buy from us. With ducting, however, you shouldn't focus on price. You should first ask: what do I need to move through this hose? That will define what type of hose you should get and only then should you consider cost.


For air movement, you can easily use basic plastic ducting, which is pretty cost effective. These are generally lightweight and highly flexible. Our basic green/black ducting does the trick here for air movement jobs.

If you're moving air and need durabilty, the plastic hose with PU gives you the durability you need and is also cost effective. If you opt for plastic with PVC coating, you get more: more abrasion resistance, more flame resistance, and static dissipation qualities.

You can also transfer near solid materials with most plastic ducting as well, and if you want to see what you're moving, we have some wire reinforced ducting that is clear and sturdy.


The same plastic hose with PU gives you the durability you need moving water as well as air.

Food grade

This air-and-water smooth bore ducting is approved for food grade uses.


Is temperature your top need? Something that can take high temps or fumes? Then definitely head toward our thermoplastic rubber, especially for commercial and industrial level fumes, high temps, and materials transfers.

One more thing to keep in mind is flexibility. While all the ducting options we offer are flexi, the bend radius and the compression ability of our ducting will vary based on the materials used.

Ducting materials

Most customers use plastic hose for their ducting needs. The types of plastic normally used to make flexible hoses are PVC, polyurethane or PU for short on our website, Nomex, Hypalon, and thermoplastic.

Plastic ducting can be used for a variety of different applications because it is tough and flexible. You can use it to transfer air, abrasives, and other near solid materials.

It also offers the ability to transfer food-grade contents safely, since PU is hygienic and meets standard regulations. The food grade ducting we stock is also partly clear, so that you can see what is being transferred.

PVC is one of the more widely used types of plastic and it is extremely versatile while being easy on the wallet. Use it for ambient air transfer, wood dust collection, fume extraction, and other similar applications.

One thing makes PVC such a popular material is that it's chemically stable, resisting the damaging effects of hazardous oil or chemical materials and their fumes, making it ideal for most commercial level fume applications.

Do you want to avoid plastic altogether? Our thermoplastic rubber ducting mentioned above will do the trick.