Vacuum division sold to Waimea Group

For several months at the end of 2020, we shared with our vacuum industry customers that we had been in negotiations with Richmond-based Waimea Group to sell our vacuum tanker division. Those discussions progressed quicker than most of us anticipated, and the sale was completed in December.

For our vacuum customers, this means any vacuum related product - tanker packages, pumps, fittings, other componentry - will all be sold by Waimea Group, led by our former vacuum sales person, Maska Lewis, who has also joined Waimea Group full time.

Some of our customers may be aware of this news because we shared customer information with Waimea Group so they could announce the news to them in an email newsletter in January. For customers who did not receive that email and a follow up email in early February, please check your spam settings to allow emails from and They will continue to keep in contact with you about products.

What's next for Allflow's vacuum customers? HOSE!

Allflow has been a specialist supplier to the vacuum industry, as well as many other industries, for hoses and ducting for decades. We still stock all of the hose you will use, which you can purchase by shopping here on our website or by ringing one of our team on 03 543 9057 or 0800 255 356.

We will still share product information with vacuum industry customers several times a year through the usual newsletter that they have been receiving. Allflow can supply a lot of the equipment vacuum industry businesses use on a day to day basis, whether it's hoses or hose nozzles or valves or stainless steel fittings or galvanised fittings or wastewater supplies ... the list is long and we are here to help.

We'd like to thank the vacuum industry customers we've helped for all these years for their ongoing support. We know you'll find Waimea Group a fantastic company to do business with. It's great news that Maska is remaining as the contact in his new role with Waimea. We will miss him in our office but, as many of customers already know, he's family so we will see him often enough outside of work.

Warm regards,
Amos Lewis, General Manager

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