All about hose

Allflow stocks hundreds of hoses in various sizes for all sorts of uses. Sure, you can hose at other retail stores, but we pride ourselves on carrying the best quality stock for light and heavy duty jobs. We source our hose from around the globe to bring you the most reliable products.

For our industrial clients, we carry **huge quantities of hose in stock** for whatever use you require: hygienic handling of equipment cleaning in food processing plants, dairies, paper mills, or other operations.

You want to remember one thing when shopping for hose with Allflow: all hose sizes are inside diameter, except for air hoses and unless otherwise stated.

Below are some basic details about the kinds of hose we stock that could answer your initial shopping queries.

Food grade

We have a range of food grade hoses useful for heavy industrial use right down to home use. Food grade hoses are made of rubber or PVC (to avoid metal contamination), they are manufactured to cater to the demanding conditions at food processing plants, meeting the highest requirements. They can withstand rough handling and high-temperature situations, are odourless and tasteless, stop chemical build up, and can sustain high pressure. Read a separate post about food grade hose for more information.


Our washdown hoses are lightweight, for easy handling, and crush resistant, kink resistant and durable for long service life. Others resist abrasion, heat, and weathering for more difficult jobs. If you don’t know if you should use cold or hot washdown hose, both can be used for high pressure cleaning jobs to kill dirt, debris, or bacteria. PVC hose for cold wash is designed for dairy shed washdown and processing areas etc, while hotwash rubber hose is ideal for cleaning processing equipment in meat, poultry, confectionery and dairy plants.


Our selection of rubber hoses include those rated for wash down, food transfer, oil hosing, fuel hosing, or compressed air. Read a separate post about the trend toward rubber hose for industries we supply.


EPDM hoses are used for air, or water up to 110°C. EPDM is a better material to use in outdoor environments.


Nitrile hoses are used for air, oils, fuels, and water up to around 80°C.

Vacuum industry

There's so much to say about vacuum hose and our years of selling products in this industry that we wrote a separate blog about it.

For oily substances

If you’re working in the automotive field, try the Lola hose for petroleum-based hydraulic oils, hot lubricant oils, diesel fuels, and air. If you’re moving oily substances we also have a food grade suction hose that’s ideal for this.


While we don't service a lot of the marine industry, we do carry marine sanitation hose for individual or commercial use to keep boats and decks clean.


Because we serve a community of industrial customers as well as rural, urban, and individual homeowners, we carry garden hose for watering and home wash down uses. Our garden hose is incredibly durable, kink-resistant, and even comes with a 5-year guarantee.