Rubber and PVC hoses in a variety of colours

We've been expanding our range of rubber hose in recent years because we think it's the best product on the market for our customers doing heavy duty suction, hydro-excavation, and liquid waste removal work.

Simply put, rubber is the future because it is a superior product. It lasts longer, is more abrasion resistant, is more flexible, works better in the cold, and has better UV properties than PVC hose.

Now, we do still stock PVC hose for various uses, so we aren't stopping that by any measure. PVC is oil resistant, which is useful to many of our customers.

PVC can be a more affordable route but because we are specialists in hose supply, we typically secure special rates from our rubber hose suppliers, which means our rubber hose is often cheaper than PVC.

The use of rubber stands out in particular when talking about the static dissipative hoses we stock.