Wine vats in a wine cellar

Food grade hoses are exclusively manufactured to preserve the quality of food products and prevent contamination from exposure to foreign elements. If you’re a company providing food and beverages, the last thing you want is your product to smell or taste like your hose.

We stock a range of food grade hoses for a variety of food products including citrus/juices, beer and wine, flour, potable water, grain and more. You'll find both PVC and rubber, both available for suction and discharge applications across a range of sizes.

When you're looking for hose for food handling uses, they have to meet strict safety standards. The hoses are tested under real world conditions for strength, for their reaction with cleaning and sanitary products, and for the absorption of fats and oils.

What food grade hoses are made from

To maintain flexibility, food grade hoses are made of rubber or PVC. A food grade hose differs from other hoses in the following ways:

Only stainless steel

To avoid any contamination from metal corrosion, food grade hoses have an internal stainless steel wire helical structure to provide strength and durability. Stainless steel is ideal for food manufacturing.

Chemical resistance

Food grade hose is manufactured from non-toxic compounds to stop chemical build up from regular contact with food products.

Odourless and tasteless

The materials used to make food grade hose are specifically chosen to preserve the actual taste of the food products. Materials are non-toxic and chemically resistant to stop chemical build up from regular contact with food products.

Our Jacob Lewis says Allflow sells food grade hose to individuals who are brewing beer right up to massive food-producing factories that require the odourless, tasteless materials to preserve the actual taste of the food moving through the hose.


Maintaining pressure is particularly important in the wine and beer applications. Jacob says "Our food grade hoses can sustain high pressures, which is particularly important in the wine and beer applications, and they can withstand rough handling and severe hot and cold temperatures."


Specially manufactured to cater to the demanding conditions at food processing plants, food grade hoses can withstand rough handling and high-temperature situations.

Again, Jacob says, "I think many of our customers don't realise how massive our range of hose is, and that we stock so many specialty hoses, like food grade. Because we're supplying any customer from individuals to large food processing plants, we carry a signficant inventory and we can order what you need quickly."

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