Blue hoses on the side of a vacuum truck.

The Tigerflex brand of hoses are exclusive to Allflow and they are the absolute best on the market in terms of durability and quality for the vacuum industry. For years our customers have agreed with this and with their encouragement we continue to expand the vacuum hose product line from Tigerflex.

Tigerflex uses specially engineered compounds which give the ideal combination of flexibility, conductivity and superior durability. These hoses are renowned for their flexibility in some of the coldest temperatures, making them super easy to work with.


This heavy duty industrial vacuum hose is great for dry or wet abrasive materials. If you need a rugged and durable product, this is the one.


Heavy duty wet or dry material handling hose specially suited to vacuum truck overhead suction boom. This is our most popular vacuum hose.

Static dissipation

To prevent build up of static electricity for added safety and to help keep material flowing smoothly, we have a static dissipative hose that maintains its flexibility in sub-zero temperatures, slides easily over rough surfaces and around corners, and is highly durable.

Oil resistance

Ideal for light duty oil suction, oil slurry handling, recovery and transfer of hydrocarbon emissions, and even grease traps, this oil-resistant vacuum hose has a special formulation that meets the requirements for collection, recovery and transfer of hydrocarbon emissions.

High temperatures

Tigerflex's HiTemp hose features a wire reinforced helix that provides strength and allows for use at higher temperatures without risk of hose deformation. It also has static dissipative qualities for added safety.

Low temperature hose

Flexible in low temperatures down to -40°C, this Tigerflex hose remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Use it for vacuum suction but it's also good for industrial applications, refrigeration engineers, and agricultural uses.

Day-in and day-out vacuum hoses

The go-to heavy duty PVC suction hose is constructed from PVC tube with a rigid PVC helix. Its smooth surface for banding makes it ideal to drag around corners over longer distances as it won't get caught on ridged edges like other hoses can.

Our standard duty water suction and use with dewatering pumps comes in blue and green colours. It has a EPDM polyethylene helix design and is lightweight, flexible, durable and good for sub-zero temperatures. Also resistant to chemical corrosion.

The clear, heavy duty liquid suction hose is made from PVC tube with rigid PVC helix and completely transparent, so you can see what you're transferring. A cover design keeps the hose flexible for easier handling and durability.

The easy-to-use TigerTail hose is used in a wide range of industrial applications where suction, crush and wear resistance are a must for a variety of environments.

Quick tip

Check the directional flow for a hose before assembling. If you’re making up your own hoses, it's really important to check the hose is being used in the right direction (if it's a directional type of hose). Take a note of the brand/product stamp, and there may be an arrow indicating the correct direction.

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Our team has a vast knowledge of the clean water and wastewater industry including the specialised equipment we sell. We pride ourselves on quality products and decades of expertise. To better serve you, we continually look for every opportunity to expand our knowledge and product lines.

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