Brass fittings in a blue display case.

Brass fittings hold a prized position for some users as they have many wonderful qualities in the world of plumbing. But just what makes brass so special? Here are five key reasons.


It’s durable. An alloy of copper and zinc, brass has long been used in both homes and for industrial plumbing because it is resilient and retains its condition for years. Need heavy-duty use? Choose brass. It lasts and lasts.


It can withstand high temperatures. If you’re distributing hot water, brass has excellent conductivity and ductility in high temperatures. It is also fire resistant.


If you want versatility, brass offers it. You can get brass fittings in so many shapes and sizes and finishes. This means you can take on any plumbing job and if you need to fit very specific sizes, use brass. Allflow sells lots of small brass parts that are ideal for small connecting work. If your fittings have to be exposed, you can get brass fittings in a variety of finishes.


Need to shape or mold a fitting to make it work in a tight spot? Choose brass – it’s more malleable than steel or iron. With its reasonable price, you can make brass work for any function and keep prices low due to its flexibility. Plus it can be soldered to copper because it’s an alloy of copper.


It resists corrosion. Brass is one of the metals that is highly resistant to corrosion and it just won’t rust. Since corrosion and rust cause wear and tear, choose brass when you’re looking to avoid corrosion.

Brass fixture fittings typically don't cost more than those made of other materials. Its lasting quality and dependability make it well worth the few extra dollars invested now.

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