A crane lifting a large green water tank from a truck bed while two high visability vested people look on.

There’s nothing pretty about water tanks, but they are a simple fact of life for everyone living in rural areas or on lifestyle blocks. Allflow customers Jason and Rachel live in a new post-and-beam home on three hectares of land in the Motueka Valley. To supply household water and keep a stored supply for firefighting, as per the required council regulations for a rural 2 zoned property, Jason came into the Allflow store to price some tanks.

Allflow’s Jacob Lewis says Jason was super quick in purchasing three tanks without much fuss, which was not typical. “He said he went to another shop and they weren’t helpful, so I’m glad we had the chance to introduce him to what we could do here to help him.”

The two talked a bit about the location of the tanks and the pumping requirements. Then Jason left the proud owner of three 25,000 litre Devan tanks, extremely happy with the price and the helpful advice. Plus, they are made in New Zealand and there was free delivery!

As Jason was so pleased with the customer service he received when he purchased the tanks, he later went back to Allflow to kit out the rest of the water system, buying a pump and a UV filtration system. Rachel told us, “everything was really easy with Allflow, I have to say. We’re in the house now for about a month and we’re really happy with everything so far. Our tanks are filling up nicely and it’s a simple process to pump water up to our top tank.”

The three Devan tanks are two different colours; the two slate grey tanks that store water for firefighting are located next to the grey-coloured garage. The third tank is olive green because it’s located in the bush up the hill from the house where gravity feeds the water into the home for household use.

Rachel and Jason are really enjoying their new property and the water supply is just right for their needs. They say in the future, if they need additional water storage, pumps, and filtration, they know where they’ll shop for the best help and the best price.

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