An irrigation system with pumped water in use on a farm in Canterbury. Green pastures with rolling hills in the far background.

Pumps that use TEFC motors have so many uses, but are primarily recommended when you want protection against weather, dirt, moisture, or other contaminants.

A TEFC motor is a Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled electric motor that does not allow outside air to circulate through the motor's interior. Instead, an external fan blows outside air over the frame of the motor to cool it. 

Allflow's Jacob Lewis says he recommends TEFC pumps based also on how his customers want to use them, and not just the environment they will be in.

"A good example is I will recommend a TEFC pump where water needs to be pumped from an area that has a lower altitude than the area that will receive the water. These electric motors are ideal to move water in a way where it won't flow naturally, like for an irrigation system on a farm."

Jacob says there's quite a bit his team can help with regarding choosing a pump for a specific application and getting it set up.

"Yes, TEFC pumps especially are easy to install yourself," Jacob says. "Having said that, we have a lot of experience calculating the distances and heights that the water has to move up and over and through to select the right pump to ensure the water gets to where you need it to go.

"Don't hesitate to take advantage of our expertise in this area, we're happy to help and it's all part of the service."

In the end, there are many TEFC pumps to choose from between circulation pumps, submersible pumps, and to have a look.