Watermate grey water recycling unit

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The simple way to recycle grey water for garden irrigation

With the WaterMate you can

  • save money on watering your garden
  • save your septic system, if you have one, by diverting grey water from it
  • use water twice and return it to the environment, naturally

How it works

(See second image for diagram)

Step 1. When the valve is open, greywater flows directly to the mains sewage or septic tank.

Step 2. When the valve is closed, greywater from the house is diverted to the inlet of the filter.

Step 3. The greywater flows through the 1st filter web that retains major and medium particles such as hair, lint, paper detergent clogs and other impurities (The filter web: Matala Black - Low density, Matala Green - Medium density).

Step 4. The greywater flows through the 2nd filter web that retains medium and small particles (The filter web: Matala Green - Medium density, Matala Blue - High density)

Step 5. The greywater flows through the 3rd filter web that retains small and minor particles (The filter web: Matala Blue - High density, Matala  Gray - Super high density)

Step 6. Filtered greywater is pumped to the irrigation.

The Water Mate comes with washable and replaceable filters.


See third image for specifications diagramme, key below:

A. Inlet (2”)
B. Diverting valve
C. Outlet to sewer (2”)
D. Basket
E. Overflow stand pipe
F. Matala FSM190 Black
G. Matala FSM290 Green
H. Matala FSM365 Blue
I. Matala FSM460 Grey
J. Water pump
K. Pump outlet
L. Electronic pump controller
M. Drain/Cleanout point with 1” plug
N. Kink-free hose and hose clamp
O. Outlet Connector
P. Outlet
Q. Tank Cover
R. Tank
S. Inlet cover
T. Electrical pump lead

For more information, download the WaterMate information sheet.


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