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The WaterMate Greywater Recycling Unit allows you to recycle your greywater, saving you money, and conserving water resources. By reusing greywater from sources such as sinks and showers, you can reduce your water consumption and save on your monthly water bill.

The WaterMate is a very simple filtering device that filters your greywater through a set of filter mats and cleans it to a standard that is suitable for watering trees, shrubs or flower gardens.

Check out our short video clips explaining the WaterMate

Wondering how it waters your plants? Connect up our greywater irrigation kit to send your clean, filtered, greywater to an irrigation field to feed plants, shrubs, or trees. It comes with all the hose, fittings, and tape you need to complete the project.  Greywater cannot be used to water vegetable gardens as the greywater may contain bacteria.

Greywater is the wastewater from your washing machine, shower, bath, and basins. 

Want to connect up your kitchen sink too? No problem, just connect up our grease trap to remove fats, oils, grease, and food scraps, so the water can then enter your Greywater Recycling Unit to start the filtration process.

This large version of our popular WaterMate is suitable for a large residential home.

To divert and recycle greywater from a smaller house, see our regular size WaterMate.

The WaterMate comes with washable and replaceable filters, and you can purchase new filters from Allflow.  Depending on how much water you use, it is recommended that you wash these filters every 2-3 months.

Dimensions of large WaterMate:
Length: 800mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 660mm

Purchase the complete greywater package for the large unit

Click here for info on how the WaterMate works

With the WaterMate you can:

  • save money, and water, by reusing your greywater to water your plants
  • save your septic system, if you have one, by diverting greywater from it
  • use water twice, and return it to the environment, naturally

The WaterMate is part of Allflow's Total Water Solution: everything you need for your home's rainwater, greywater, and wastewater systems.


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