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Water softening salt designed specifically for water softeners.

Water softening systems remove calcium and magnesium minerals from water using a plastic resin. The resin is negatively charged, attracting positively charged calcium and magnesium minerals into the resin. To recharge the resin the system is back-flushed with salt brine. As it passes through the resin the high concentration of sodium in the brine displaces the calcium and magnesium and this is flushed to waste. The regeneration resin is ready for more water to pass through it. By using different resins, excess iron in water and other specific minerals can be removed in the same way. Salt that produces very clean salt brine will minimise system and maintenance costs.

Chlorgen salt contains low insoluble matter, thus substantially reducing the characteristic surface scum experienced when large quantities of salt are dissolved to form a brine solution. Chlorgen purified salt is prepared for making brine for electrolytic cell plants; to help sustain the guaranteed performance of the cell plant. The low levels of calcium, magnesium and sulphate ions in this salt ensure minimum deposit on cell electrodes over extended use, thus greatly reducing the need to acid wash the cells. Chlorgen salt should also be used for cell regeneration of water softeners. In fact anywhere a good quality brine is required this salt should be used.

Country of origin: Made in NZ.

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