Suction Filter Screen

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Filter housing size: 15/20
Screen: 16 mesh
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Screens for line strainers / inline filters.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) established new standards in 2016 that most of you are probably now familiar with. The strainer screens we sell now have international colour consistency that has been adopted by all of our suppliers. See the handy ISO colour chart with the updated changes below.

Mesh Size New ISO Colour
Brown Red
Flame Red
Gentian Blue
Zinc Yellow
Traffic Green
Light Pink









At the same time, numeric mesh size markings were added to the screens and strainers equipped with wire mesh. For all-metal screens that do not feature a plastic frame, colour coded dots are applied to the ferrule to identify mesh size in accordance with the ISO colour standard.

A silver screened filter with green plastic labelling and the number 100 embossed on it.

While the change to the colour is significant, the actual screen/mesh sizes and product performance was never affected. Customers should have not noticed any change in the performance of their strainer and, if you have, please get in touch with us.

As with everything we sell at Allflow, if you are ever in doubt or have a question, just ask us. You can find these strainers by colour and size here. When in the store, strainers are organised by colour.

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