Spiral hose guard

Size: 2"
$45.15 excl GST

In stock


Protect your hoses from catching and wear with this heavy-duty coil wrap.

Spiral hose guards are quality, hard wearing PVC-U protection spirals available in two sizes and two colours to suit your needs. Priced per metre as with all our hose, so you can buy only what you need.

Keep your hoses and cables tidy and grouped, wrap groups of wires together to protect them as well.

We stock the black hose guard and we can order the yellow hose guard.

2" size (50mm) fits hoses 50-60mm
3" size (74mm) fits hoses 74-80mm


  • Extremely abrasion and crush resistant
  • Easily installed without removing hoses
  • Supplied in an easy-dispense box in 10–20 metre lengths for you to cut to suit your needs.
  • Suitable for use in temperatures -10°C to 60°C

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