Onga Blazemaster BM55H Twin Stage Petrol

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High volume dual impeller pump suitable for pumping clean, non-aggressive liquids without solids or fibres in suspension. Comes with a Honda GX160 petrol engine. Ideal for fire-fighting, tank filling, water transfer, and irrigation and spraying.

Key features

  • Dual-impeller pumps give you more pressure while delivering more water.
  • Compact, direct injection technology
  • Larger diameter impellers providing higher discharge head
  • Fast, effortless starts from a one-pull recoil starter
  • Lightweight high grade corrosion resistant materials
  • Big pump body with raised suction port for better priming capabilities
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) designed hydraulic components for higher performance and efficiency
  • Cast aluminium construction means strength, durability, and lightweight portability
  • Max head: 107 m
  • Max flow: 715 lpm
  • Two-year warranty


(for liquids outside of this range, talk to an Allflow staff member)

  • Max temp: 55°C
  • Min temp: 1°C
  • Max ambient temp: 40°C
  • Max casing pressure: 1300kPa

Choosing a firefighting pump

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