Azud Disk/Screen Filter

Size: 20mm
Filter type: Screen
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Screens or discs included in the filter, some sizes are screen only. Manufactured in high quality thermoplastic, these disc and screen filters offer high resistance and maximum durability.

This filter is part of Allflow's Total Water Solution: everything you need for your home's rainwater, greywater, and wastewater systems. We can supply all the equipment you'll need for these systems, including filtration. 

Key features

  • Maximum flow is 25 m3/h (110gpm)
  • Large filtering area results in less maintenance
  • Discs and screens can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Threaded closure system
  • Gasket set in the lid
  • Lid has threaded connection on the bottom that allows for easy draining or pressure relief
  • Ports on all sizes for pressure gauges
  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to chemical products (requires special gaskets)
  • Screen is plastic and stainless steel


Connection: 20mm - screen only

Maximum recommended flow: 5m3/h
Filtering surface (screen): 160cm2

Connection: 25mm - screen and disc

Maximum recommended flow: 6m3/h
Filtering surface (discs): 180cm2
Filtering surface (screen): 160cm2

Connection: 32mm - screen and disc

Maximum recommended flow: 10m3/h
Filtering surface (discs): 310cm2
Filtering surface (screen): 270cm2

Connection: 40mm - screen and disc

Maximum recommended flow: 14m3/h
Filtering surface (discs): 300cm2
Filtering surface (screen): 265cm2

Connection: 50mm - screen only

Maximum recommended flow: 25m3/h
Filtering surface (screen): 485cm2 


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