Honda WB30XT transfer pump

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3” powered water pump

The HONDA powered 3" water pump is a solid, portable water pump, which is designed to be simple to operate and to suit a wide range of applications. Whether you need to top up the farm water tanks, bring water up from a stream, empty the swimming pool, oyster farms or operate a water truck etc, the WB30XT is the ideal high volume pump.

This pump will transfer up to 60,000 litres per hour (maximum).

Ideal for drainage contractors, pool owners, boat owners, farm and lifestyle block owners and horticultural users and so on.

Key features:

  • Genuine HONDA GX160, 5hp 4 stroke engine
  • Self-priming to 7.6 m (25 ft)
  • 1096 lpm (290 gpm)
  • 26 m head and 2.6 bar (38 psi)
  • 3 inch BSP(M) ports
  • 2 x 75 mm plastic hose tail fittings and hose clips
  • 75 mm hose tail suction strainer
  • Aluminum pump head with cast iron impeller and volute 
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal

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