Grease trap/oil interceptor - 3,600L

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Remove oils and fats from entering the stormwater system with a grease trap/oil interceptor. The 3,600L size is for trade waste customers, like restaurants, takeaways, and car washes, that use oils and fats in their business. In many situations they are required to trap these fats before they enter the local stormwater system or environment.

Designed for installation by plumbers, this large grease trap/oil interceptor can be used above or below ground. The chamber is made from lightweight polyethylene and can be installed without a digger.

Available in a 750L size as well.

Key features

  • Large capacity options means less maintenance requirements
  • Lightweight for ease of transport and installation
  • Easily accessible large manhole for cleaning and inspection
  • Multiple venting options


Total Capacity: 3,600 litres
Working Capacity: 3,200 litres
Weight: 250 kg
Length: 2,500 mm
Height: 1,850 mm
Width: 1,650 mm

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