Davey D120GA pump

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A submersible pump consisting of a solids handling grinder inlet with a high head open impeller to pump waste water containing soft solids in suspension.


  • Grey and black water pumping
  • Sump emptying
  • Septic effluent and sewage disposal 
  • Pumping of waste water with soft solids in suspension

Features and benefits:

  • Able to pump soft organic solids, sanitary and rubber products and even some textiles in suspension by shredding into a slurry
  • Heavy duty shredding and grinding ring at inlet
  • Centrifugal design, open impeller prevents blockage of the pump by small solids in the slurry
  • High heads and small solids allow connection to small discharge pipe systems, especially suited to pumping waste water to pressure sewer mains
  • Double Mechanical shaft seal in oil bath
  • Hard faced Silicon Carbide/Ceramic seal on pump side
  • Sand slinger lip seal for added protection
  • Oring casing sealing
  • Corrosive resistant stainless steel and quality heavy duty powder coated cast iron pump parts
  • Protected against both high operating temperatures and high current by a built in automatically resetting thermal overload

The point of submersible pumps

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