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Available individually or save 50% if you purchase a carton of 12.

Simtech's Bristle Filter is easy to install and replace, and it’s disposable. Simply slide out the used filter, place it in the supplied plastic bag, then slide in a new filter.

The filter has been hydro-dynamically designed with non-directional bristles for unrestricted flow of effluent, allowing biological maturing and sloughing to maximise the septic tank’s efficiency. There are no locking or moving parts, no clogging, no cleaning, and better filtration, with over 750 meters of filtration media and 5,200cm3 of open area to prevent clogging.

The 14,290cm2 of filtering surface allows a flow rate of over 4,500 LPD (litres per day), filtering to 1.5mm diameter. The filtering surface is achieved through the unique shape of each triangular bristle, which more than doubles the filtering surface, with no uniform holes or slots to plug.

The bristle filter is part of Allflow's Total Water Solution: everything you need for your home's rainwater, greywater, and wastewater systems. We can supply all the equipment you'll need for these systems, including the bristle filter.

Key features

  • 90 degree handle for easy installation and removal
  • Fits any 110mm septic tank ‘T’ junction
  • Adapts to all types of DWV pipe from 90mm - 120mm
  • Self-locking bristles hold the filter firmly in place, eliminating ‘filter float up’
  • Constructed of non-directional polypropylene bristles, wound together with a stainless steel core
  • Naturally sorts debris according to size and mass
  • Ensures even filter usage for a long lifespan and maximises the filter’s circular flow
  • The standard filter can be manifolded together in multiples of up to 6 or over 22,700 LPD. These
    systems are designed for advanced residential and commercial septic system applications.
  • Manufactured by SIM/TECH Filter in the USA.

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The optional slotted sleeve removal tool that prevents any solids from leaving the 'T' while the filter is being replaced. The Bristle Filter is the only filter on the market that offers this!

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For more information, download a complete information sheet.

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