Air and water ducting - smooth bore food grade

Material: Polyurethane
Size: 25mm
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  • Service temperature:  -40oC to 65oC
  • Durable, lightweight polyurethane tube with rigid PVC Helix
  • Transparent construction allows for visual confirmation of material flow
  • Designed for dry applications where abrasion is a factor
  • Provides longer hose life and lower operating costs versus rubber or PVC hose
  • Cold-Flex Materials: Hose remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures
  • Easy Slide Helix: Exposed rigid helix design protects hose tube from cover wear and allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces
  • Easy to handle
  • Food grade materials: Hose complies with applicable FDA requirements.  Hose approved by USDA for use in meat and poultry plants
  • Oil resistant polyurethane: Resists most animal and petroleum based oils

General applications

  • Ducting, ventilation and fume removal
  • Dust collection
  • Food grade blower and ducting systems
  • Food grade material handling - standard duty
  • Pharmaceutical product transfer

How to choose the right ducting for your job

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