Plumber Sean Huxford standing outside the building that houses Mapua Plumbing.
Plumber Sean Huxford and his wife Linda own and run Mapua Plumbing, a business they started in 1999. For the two decades they’ve been serving customers across the South Island, they’ve been purchasing pumps from Allflow. Sean says he relies on Allflow for the success of his own business because they give him accurate information and this means he can do the job he needs to do right the first time.

“Allflow is run by honest businessmen. They are specialists in their field and are good people to work with and they provide my team and me with good support. Any time I ring them, no matter who I deal with I get excellent customer service.”

Mapua Plumbing works as far south as Waikaia, as far west as Hokitika, and covers all of north Canterbury right up to Nelson and Tasman. No matter where their job is located, they prefer the products, service, and honest dealings they get with the team at Allflow.

“Some time ago now, Allflow recommended the DAB line of pumps to me. I tried them out and have never stopped using them. They are reasonably priced, which is important, but crucially, they never break down. I know it’s a solid brand made with high quality parts and materials that I can rely on and that my customers can rely on.

“It’s not smart business for me to have to revisit a customer because a pump I installed is failing too soon or has a fault. I never have this with the DAB pumps that Allflow sells me.”

The Allflow team is made up of specialists, Sean says. Clayton and Jacob have a depth of knowledge that he has come to rely on.

“Every time one of the team tells me something, it’s correct. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find it. I’ve been to other places that sell pumps and you can tell that their staff don’t know anything about the pump. The team at Allflow is different, they know their equipment and they know their business and I get good information from them every time.”

Sean says working with Allflow gives him the confidence that he’s installing the correct equipment for each job. He says his customers are always happy with the results.

“I once worked on a very tricky job in North Canterbury for a customer who was a pilot living off the grid. He needed to pump water to his out-buildings. Rainwater collected in tanks on the roof of his hangar. He wanted to pump it to tanks situated about 500 metres away and up a hill. Then, the water had to be fed down to the house.”

Sean says he gave Allflow all the measurements and water requirements. They ran the calculations and identified a pump that would do the job.

“Not only did they do all the maths for me, they set up the pump so I could install it straight away, including with the right flow switches.

Sean says his business is mostly growing through word of mouth.

“I believe Mapua Plumbing has a solid reputation for doing solid work. We do it once, and we do it right. It’s really helpful to have a partner like Allflow supplying me the right advice and equipment that allows me to achieve this.”