Water suction and delivery hose

Material: PVC
Grade: Heavy duty
Size: 16mm
$18.28 excl GST

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Several types of water suction and delivery hose, made from PVC or rubber. Light duty bilge, marine sanitation, and rubber hose for air or water.

Light duty bilge hose (black corrugated)

Flexible PVC bilge hose. Extremely flexible and tough corrugated polythene hose for bilge intake and discharge. Cuffed every 300mm for clamping. Resists oily bilge and sea water. Not recommended for below waterline thru-hull connections.

    Marine sanitation hose (white)

    Heavy duty hose resistant to odour permeation. Specially compounded to provide excellent resistance to odour permeation. Hard PVC Helix gives good flexibility and bend radius. Ideal for critical bilge, drain scupper, live well etc. NOT FOR USE with alcohols, anti-freeze, petrol-chemicals or solvents.

      Rubber hose (black with green stripe)

      Suitable for suction or delivery of air and water. Good flexibility and good resistance to air and water. Tube construction: Mandrel built with helical reinforcing wire for suction ability. Fully complies with ISO 1307:1992 specs. Temperature range: -35oC to +70oC

      Rubber hose is where it's at

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