Vacuum tanker truck package - new build

Package: Custom-build
$129,000 excl GST

In stock


Choose your tank capacity and from a variety of options to customise your next tanker truck.

We have partnered with an American company that is an industry leader in manufacturing industrial dry bulk storage tanks as well as commercial sanitation tanks, trucks, replacement parts and accessories. They have custom engineered new tankers to our specifications - which are your specifications.

The best part of our newest kit: we keep all the main components for this truck **in stock**. You can have a replacement part the next day.

Please note re images: pictured is a USA manufactured 10,000L tank.

Choose your tanker specs

Capacity - choose

  • 7,000L
  • 10,000L
  • 12,000L

Standard with every package:

  • All hydraulic drive, pump, and hoists
  • 530mm top manway hatch
  • Low profile primary shut-off
  • Cyclone secondary shut-off
  • Pressure and vacuum reliefs
  • Air or manual operated valves at 3”, 4” or 6” sizes
  • 3 sight glasses on rear door
  • Protective chipseal coating on base of tank and on hose hooks
  • Aluminium side hose trays and hose hooks on rear of tank for long run hoses
  • Light package includes work lights, flashing beacons on cab and rear of tank, and recessed rubber mounted side and rear lights on hose trays

Vacuum pump - choose one

  1. NVE High Vacuum Tri Lobe Blower – 4307 Challenger Blower (560CFM) or 4310 Challenger Blower (940CFM). Made in USA.
  2. Moro Kaiser Rotary Vane Water Cooled – PM80W (420CFM) or PM110W (580CFM). Made in Italy.
  3. Samson Truck Master 1600 Liquid Ring (1000CFM). Made in Denmark.

Any truck base of your choice

Let us contact your truck dealer with special pricing, or we can procure a suitable truck model on your behalf. The cost of the truck is not included in Allflow's pricing.

Rear door - choose one

  1. 930mm manway hatch
  2. Full opening rear door with manual hydraulic locking system or fully hydraulic opening and locking system


System control

Optional remote radio control of the entire system. Includes:
  • idle up/down
  • vacuum pump operation including pressure/vacuum changeover
  • operating of loading/discharge valves
  • LCD display on handheld device showing load level in tank

Load level indicator on driver’s side of tank

Dangerous goods sign holders

Use to change placards between Classes 6 and 9.


Take a tour of the first truck we delivered. First, here's an overview of the features on this tanker package.

On the rear door you'll find standard and optional features.

Take a close up view of the specialty lights, the aluminium trays, and the protective chipseal coating.


The truck package starts from $129,000 plus GST for a base 7,000L model and does not include the cost of the truck. Get in touch with us today and we can work through all of the options listed above to get you a more exact quote for your needs.

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