UV filtration kit - Davey SF70

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UV Combo Kit c/w Twin Filters, Mounting Frame, & Pipe Work

This proven three stage treatment process is supplied in component form offering the flexibility to install the system to suit your allowable space.

The kits include:

  • Micron 20μm filtration for sediment reduction
  • Micron 1μm filtration for cyst reduction
  • Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety.


  • Filtration and disinfection of rain water
  • Small and medium home potable water supply
  • Bore and surface water – subject to water quality


    Operating Limits:
    Maximum Flow Rate: 70lpm
    Lamp Life: 9,000 hrs (1 year)

    Filter Housings: 20 inch Jumbo
    Prefilter: 20 inch Jumbo
    Secondary Filter: 20 inch Jumbo
    Steriflow - Maximum Flow: 70lpm

    Electrical Data:
    Supply Voltage: 220-240V

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