UV filtration kit - Davey SF70

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UV Combo Kit c/w Twin Filters, Mounting Frame, & Pipe Work.

This proven three stage treatment process is supplied in component form offering the flexibility to install the system to suit your allowable space.

This UV filtration system is part of Allflow's Total Water Solution: everything you need for your home's rainwater, greywater, and wastewater systems. We can supply all the equipment you'll need for these systems, including UV filtration. 

The kits include:

  • Micron 20μm filtration for sediment reduction
  • Micron 1μm filtration for cyst reduction
  • Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety.


  • Filtration and disinfection of rain water
  • Small and medium home drinking water supply
  • Bore and surface water – subject to water quality


    Operating Limits:
    Maximum Flow Rate: 70lpm
    Lamp Life: 9,000 hrs (1 year)

    Filter Housings: 20 inch Jumbo
    Prefilter: 20 inch Jumbo
    Secondary Filter: 20 inch Jumbo
    Steriflow - Maximum Flow: 70lpm

    Electrical Data:
    Supply Voltage: 220-240V

    Harvesting rainwater and emergency water storage

    Choices for water filtration

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