Tellarini ENM40

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60 Hz 40mm Bronze Self-Priming liquid ring electric pump

The best solution for the transfer of liquids due to its high self-priming capability, the possibility to operate with discontinuous presence of the liquid at the suction and ther reversibility of the flow.

The particular tight structure of the pump body avoids the contact between the liquid and the motor and prevents losses.

For professional uses or for heavy applications.


  • 110 Volt, 60 Hz
  • 1.2 HP
  • 1400 RPM
  • Pump Body - Bronze
  • Impeller - Bronze
  • Shaft - Stainless Steel
  • Height of Priming 6 metres
  • Suitable for the transfer of Water, Sea Water, Gasoil, Oil, Anticryptogamics etc
  • Not suitable for the transfer of Petrol, Solvents etc
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature 90oC

1 Metre Head: 149 litres/min
5 Metre Head: 119 litres/min
10 Metre Head: 78 litres/min
15 Metre Head: 32 litres/min

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