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Size: 1,200 litre
$1,878 excl GST

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The Platin rainwater tank by GRAF, available in sizes from 1,500L to 7,500L. Price below excludes GST.

Key features

  • Low installation depth means less digging, and no digger required
  • Installation time is less than most tanks, meaning less installation cost
  • Integrated filter technology with packages available
  • Tank cover sits flush to lawn and is the only visible part of the tank
  • The tank's dome size is 80 cm, large enough to install filters with ease and to clean and maintain
  • Groundwater-stable up to the tank shoulder thanks to smart design
  • Easy transport due to low weight
  • 12-year warranty
  • Extend the tank and add on pumping and watering packages



The 1,500 L tank measures just 210 x 120 cm and the height to the tank shoulder is just 70 cm. (See image above.) The low tank height allows it to be installed without slope angles and therefore in a very small pit. Since the tank weighs in at just 80 kg, it’s easy for two people to install (see images).

Integrated filter technology

The professional, integrated filter technology is housed directly below the tank cover in the generously sized tank dome. It is based on the proven GRAF module system. An appropriate self-cleaning filter technology is supplied to match packages. Low maintenance requirements and high water yield are features. Remove the filter system without any tools if the tank needs to be inspected.

Attractive tank cover

The attractive tank cover can be telescoped and tilted as needed. Of the entire rainwater tank system, you will only see the discreetly designed cover, which sits flush with the lawn. There is also a child-proof lock and an internal water connection box.

Size specifications

  Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Inner (mm) Weight (kg)
1,500L 2100 1250 1015 650 82
3,000L 2450 2100 1015 650 180
5,000L 2890 2300 1315 650 250
7,500L 3600 2250 1565 650 380


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