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Acquasafe Liquid Treatment For Rainwater Tanks

Acquasafe® is an environmentally safe, tasteless and odourless liquid designed specifically for treating bacteria and viruses in rainwater tanks.

Rainwater starts out clean, bacteria and virus free, but as soon as it hits a collecting surface like a roof top, dangerous bacteria can enter the water.

Animal and bird droppings, dust, dirt, decaying vegetable matter like leaves, and stagnant water (caused by long spells of no rain) can contaminate tank water. Each of these sources of contamination can lead to dangerous bacteria entering your water supply, like E.Coli and streptococci.

The Acquasafe dosing product makes water safer by destroying virtually all bacteria and virus, leaving tank water clean enough to drink

It’s very important for the health of your drinking water and therefore your family that you treat it with a disinfectant. Microlene’s Acquasafe gives you a fast, easy, safe and cost effective way to protect your family from over 170 bacteria and viruses commonly found in rainwater.
  • Protects water for up to two months under normal conditions, which means clean water for longer.
  • The process of oxidation breaks down pathogens while the Acquasafe formula breaks down into water and oxygen.
  • It is safer than other forms of chemical disinfection, leaving no taste or odour in your water.
  • It also has the added benefit of treating smelly tanks, a result of water remaining stagnant during the cooler months.
  • The treated water is also an unpleasant environment for mosquitoes, helping to control their numbers.

Simply pour Acquasafe into your tank (1 litre : 15,000 litres) and as it does its job it breaks down into oxygen and water protecting your tank for up to 2 months before you have to re-dose.

Comes in 1L, 5L or 25L sizes.

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