Solar arrays ground mount

Panels: 6 panel
$4,537.75 excl GST

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Solar arrays that pair with Allflow's line of solar pumps. 300W panels mounted on the ground including all fittings for mounting alongside an Allflow solar pump to power the supply of ground water where ever you need it to go.

The solar arrays kit includes

  • MC4 lead - 3m
  • MC4 lead - 10m
  • 4 pole DC circuit breaker1000V
  • 4 pole w/proof enclosure
  • 3 phase 20A AC isolator rotary switch
  • Shutdown procedure & DC supply sign
  • Ground mount framing
  • Solar panels at 1650L x 992W

Solar configuration

Choose the number of solar panels to create the total array required to power your pump. You can choose the following configurations:
  • 3 x 300W = 900 total watts
  • 4 x 300W = 1200 total watts
  • 6 x 300W = 1800 total watts
  • 8 x 300W = 2400 total watts
  • 10 x 300W = 3000 total watts

If you would like to post-mount your solar array, visit the product page for the post mount kit.

Manufacturer's warranty

  • Solar Panels, 12 year product warranty plus 25 year linear performance warranty
  • Frames, 10 year warranty

Pumps powered by the sun

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