Pump contorller - Bianco iPress

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Adjustable automatic restart pump controller

The iPRESS PRO combines the advantages of both a standard pressure switch and a typical electronic automatic restart controller.

It is suitable for clean water and controls electric 240V pumps of 2.2kW or less.

It monitors both the pressure and the flow and automatically controls the operation of the pump. There is no need for a separate pressure (expansion) tank, nor is there any need to adjust start and stop pressures as per traditional pressure switches.

The unit will protect the pump should the water supply entering the pump stop (either due to blockage in the pipe or tank running dry) and will automatically restart normal operation once water is restored.

It comes with a fully adjustable cut in (start) pressure of between 0.5-6.0 bar and a cut out (stop) pressure of between 0.8-9.8 bar. The iPRESS has the ability to operate as either a standard auto restart pressure controller or an automatic restart loss of prime pressure switch.

Comes with a 12 month warranty.


  • Bar: 9.8
  • Amps: 16
  • Hp: 3.0
  • kW: 2.2
  • Port Size Inlet: 1" BSPM Inlet
  • Port Size Outlet: 1" BSPM outlet
  • Power: Electric
  • Volts: 240


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