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Factory-built units engineered and retrofitted to the front of an existing tanker.

Driving the pump components and hydraulics, these custom-designed units are suited to a wide range of tankers, from liquid suction to hydro-excavation trucks.

The completely assembled Kaiser PowerPack consists of a fresh water tank, separator, Kaiser liquid ring pump and change-over device. A whole unit comes with a full factory guarantee. The pump runs cooler, requiring less service water to operate.


Fresh water tank

  • Service water for the liquid ring pump is integrated in the tank
  • Water reservoir for high pressure pump
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Open door with single manual lever lock
  • Filling inlet includes filling line complete with 2" coupling
  • Sight glasses - two pieces for water level indication


  • No maintenance during operation due to automatic evacuation of the separator
  • No overflow of dirt particles to the vacuum pump
  • Manhole 300 mm with over-pressure safety valve
  • Two connection flanges 100 mm for suction line to slurry tank connection

Kaiser Liquid Ring Pump

  • Installed inside fresh water tank
  • Complete with hydraulic motor, hydraulic hoses and suction hoses inside the tank
  • Light alloy vacuum pump with light-weight design, low noise level, low maintenance, oil-free air discharge and suitable for dry suction

Advantages of integrating the vacuum pump into the fresh water tank

  • Short suction line to slurry tank for optimum efficiency
  • Additional sound proofing by water insulation
  • Natural cooling
  • Hydraulic connections on top of fresh water tank

Change-over device

  • Installed on top of the fresh water tank
  • Pneumatically operated for instant change from vacuum to pressure operation as well as opening for fresh water tank filling
  • Comes with pneumatic cylinder

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