Odour control dosing device

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Mask vacuum tanker pump odour with this easy-to-install device. When you switch on the unit and the pump at the same time, the unit masks the odour into the exhaust as air comes out. You can adjust the unit to dose as much or as little as you want.


The Odour Control Dosing Device comes fully assembled. You would:
  • Fix the device to the vehicle
  • Connect the electrical components to the vehicle battery
  • Install and connect the microswitch
  • Connect the PVC tube to the tanker's vacuum pump air exhaust pipe

Connect it to the frame of the truck in a spot that the front door and general switch are easily accessible. It should not stick out from the body of the truck at all.

Regular cleaning is recommended and can be done using a dry cloth. Refilling the container is easy - the liquid must be diluted with water, which is noted on the side of the plastic container.

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How it works

The Allflow Odour Control Dosing Device is installed on the tankers as per the picture of the truck. See the white box placed close to the vacuum pump just behind the cab window? That's the device.

There's a lockable door where you insert a key and a general key switch on the right side supplies the pump inside with electrical power through an external cable to be connected directly to the tanker's battery.

What's inside

The plastic container holds the odour neutralising liquid, which is diluted with water, and the peristaltic pump with electric power supplied from the tanker's battery. The dosing device comes into operation only if the tanker's vacuum pump is started.

User guide

Allflow provides a detailed guide about the device that shows how to install it - click here to download it and find all the technical details inside.

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