Moro Kaiser PM 80AM

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Moro Kaiser's Air Series Pumps are industrial duty vacuum pumps commonly used in septic, grease trap, commercial and agricultural applications. Made in Italy of high quality and durable materials.

The PM80AM pump is designed primarily for use on slurry/muck vacuum tankers in agricultural applications where the pump can be powered from a tractor PTO and run at 540rpm PTO speed.

Key features

  • High heat resistant cast iron bodies
  • Self-adjusting heat resistant Kevlar vanes
  • Heat resistant Viton seals
  • Built-in non-return valve
  • Built-in vacuum/pressure changeover valve
  • Positive lubrication supplied by a built-in gear pump and oil reservoir
  • Direction adjustable 3" inlet and outlet hose-tail elbows


  • Air flow: 12,000 L/min (10,000L @ 450rpm)
  • Continuous vacuum duty: 80%
  • Power required (at max vacuum): 14kW (18.8hp)
  • Max vacuum: 95%
  • Max operating press: 2.5 bar (35psi - subject to vacuum tanker suitability)
  • Pump speed: 540rpm max (450rpm recommended)
  • Shaft: Standard 6 tooth PTO spline
  • Ports: 3" Hose Tails - adjustable elbows

Call us about our High Grade Vacuum Pump Oil - recommended for use in Moro Kaiser pumps. It's coloured blue so you can see it while you're working on the pump.

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