Hino vacuum tanker

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Italian vacuum system and tank designed, built, and tested with years of continuous improvement since 1913.

A fully automated system designed and built entirely in Italy on a HINO chassis FM2632 with 320Hp and 45,000kg GCM. Shipped to New Zealand. Features world renowned engineering and technology from the industry leaders at Kaiser Moro. Allflow is sole distributor of Kaiser tanker trucks in New Zealand.

Package starts at $180,000 and final price is dependent upon customisation of the variations listed below.


From 3,000 to 12,000 litres.

Vacuum pump

Moro water cooled vacuum pump with 16,400 lt/min (580CFM) airflow.

Vacuum pump has a water jacket around the pump that cools the water through a twin fan heat exchanger, temperature operating around 40°C allowing maximum operating efficiency.

Fully automated

  • Vacuum/pressure changeover pneumatically controlled.
  • Hydraulic system has a fan-cooled heat exchanger.
  • Fully automated rear opening door operated with a single button on the remote.
  • Remote for the hoist and rear door is on a flexible cord positioned towards the rear of the tank that allows the operator to have a clear view of surroundings and people while operating the hoist and rear door; includes alarm for safety.
  • Tank primary shutoff has stainless internal ball and cage and a pneumatically operated valve that automatically closes once the PTO is turned off giving added safety while travelling along the road.
  • Cyclonic secondary shutoff has stainless ball and cage and is emptied via a pneumatic valve that pushes any liquid back into the main waste tank. This is operated by a single switch on the main control panel at the rear of the truck with the vacuum pump in pressure mode.
  • Under the vacuum tank in the subframe is a pneumatic safety stand that can be engaged if work or cleaning needs to be untaken while the hoist is elevated.
  • In cab control panel consists on/off switches for PTO, vacuum system (which engages pneumatic and hydraulic valves), side and rear LED working lights, and LED flashing light bars.

Other key features

  • 120° stainless steel liner on inside bottom of tank that allows solids, sand, debris to slide out effortlessly.
  • Solid mounting and tank positioning cradle as part of the subframe with an automatic locking pin mechanism that is activated when the PTO is engaged that locks the tank to the chassis for road travel.
  • 4” and 6” valves on the rear door complete with removable internal upstands.
  • Hose racks in stainless steel with lockable doors in stainless steel and with rear opening and supports on the rear side of the truck to hold and run long hoses. Hose trays have drain taps both front and rear.
  • 3 visual level indicators on the rear tank door and a Load Level indicator on the driver’s side of the tank.
  • Signage brackets on side and rear of tanker ready for signage to be attached.
Vacuum tank equipment is covered with a full 12-month factory warranty.

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