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PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available to customers in Nelson Tasman.

This product comes as a custom-build wastewater system. The base product price is listed and your specific solution will be custom quoted, hit the 'Enquire' button to get in touch.

Energy efficient German technology that provides low cost, reliable and effective effluent treatment.

The Graf EClean 20 residential wastewater treatment system is designed in Germany, assembled and installed in New Zealand by wastewater experts.

  • Discharge easily exceeds OSET testing and relevant AS/NZ Standards
  • A proven, low maintenance system used in more than 40 countries and by more than 200,000 people worldwide
  • Designed to run on very low energy or solar power (.55 kWh/day = 10c approx.)
  • Treated water easily meets and often exceeds Council standards, despite varied inflow volumes
  • Compact and concealed, features a telescopic lid that sits flush with your lawn.
  • Easy to install with less excavation needed, and low power consumption to save you money

Allflow designs the entire wastewater system for you and handles the consent process from start to finish.

Watch our video of the primary treatment tank up close:

Features and benefits

Meets the appropriate standards

The Graf EClean 20 wastewater treatment system has been independently tested under the On-site Effluent Treatment national testing Programme (OSET NTP) and meets, and in many cases exceeds, the requirements of AS/NZS 1547:2012 and AS/NZS 1546.3:2008 relating to secondary effluent quality and performance. The Graf EClean 20 is also certified to AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 relating to the engineering and construction of the tank and associated fittings. Download the EClean 20's Performance Certificate in the OSET NTP Trial 12, 2016/2017.

Low power use

The Graf EClean 20 Domestic wastewater treatment system is designed for minimal energy consumption and runs on approximately .55 kWh/day (about 10 cents.) The EClean system is suitable for isolated and off grid dwellings as it can be operated effectively on solar power.

Low maintenance

The Graf EClean 20 is a simple, one tank SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) system that works using aeration and settling phases. Unlike other systems, there is no filtration, no mechanical moving parts in the treatment chamber, and no media required (live or artificial) which can be vulnerable to flooding - meaning there is very little than can go wrong, and minimal maintenance required.

Fully programmable system to suit any location

The Graf EClean 20 system is set up and run by a standalone control unit that can be installed in a preferred location. This unit contains the PLC, air blower and air valves, and allows custom system settings and diagnostics to be performed. It also features an automatic vacation mode that keeps the biological system alive and reduces power consumption when away on holiday.

Easy to install and operate

The Graf EClean 20 is a flat pack system that can be pre-assembled or assembled on site. The plastic injection moulded tanks are tough and durable and, unlike concrete systems, it’s lightweight. This makes installation easier and cheaper, as no crane is required, and the one large tank system means less excavation. There is also a smaller, separate disinfection tank.

Market leading warranties

Allflow is proud to offer market leading warranties: three years for installation, 15 years for the tank.

A better-looking system

Unlike some wastewater systems that protrude from the lawn, the Graf EClean 20 is fully concealed, and features a green telescopic lid that can be raised or lowered so it sits flush with the lawn. There is also the option of telescopic dome lids to allow system installation in areas of traffic, as these can handle the weight of up to 12-ton trucks. We offer the option of an EClean Concrete tank instead of a plastic moulded tank upon request.

See how the telescopic lid works:

What is SBR technology and how does it work?

SBR is Sequential Batch Reactor technology and it has been around a long time. It is the preferred treatment process for many municipal plants due to its reliability. Incoming wastewater is held back and processed in batches. SBR systems aren‘t as vulnerable to variations of inflows such as shock and low loads during vacations.

1. Wastewater treatment
2. Settling phase
3. Clear water extraction

GRAF injection moulded tank

The moulded carat S 6,500 litre tank comes with a set up kit. The GRAF Sapphire 1,200 I roto moulded pump disinfection chamber takes care of the disinfecting and transfer to irrigation. Both meet AS/NZ 1546-1 specifications.


  • EP: 10
  • Total volume: 6,500 litres
  • Max daily flow: 2,000 litres

The control cabinet

The control cabinet has a PLC unit, air blower, and air valves. It can be placed in a discreet position in the garden and with minimal noise via the EPP insulated mounting unit plus indoor option. The high tech controller can be set to vacation mode and has many options like additional treatment options for nutrient removal.


The final view

Once the GRAF EClean 20 is in the ground, the image below is an example of what you'll see. Cover the area with greenery and you'll never know it's there! Note, this installation had two tanks, so there are two telescopic lids.

About GRAF

For more than 50 years, the GRAF brand has represented high-quality plastic products. The company, founded in 1962, has grown to become the European market leader in rainwater harvesting tanks, stormwater detention systems and wastewater treatment solutions. In Australia and New Zealand, our main focus is on water related products including Australia and New Zealand's widest range of rain water harvesting products.

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