DAB solar pump - 1.1kW

Capacity: 25 L/m
$3,580 excl GST

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The sun powers a solar motor which powers the supply of ground water to where ever you need it to go. Draw water from your borehole or from a creek using one of the most reliable sources of energy. Purchase a solar array rated according to how much you need to pump.

How it works

Electric power is supplied by a series of photovoltaic panels that power a DAB 4” submersible pump with a built-in inverter type controller. The system is able to ensure a continuous drawing of water from underground even with varying solar irradiation conditions. Only a small number of photovoltaic panels are required to power the system.


Use for lifting, distribution, and pressurisation in domestic, farming, civil and industrial water systems. Also use to fill pressure vessels and tanks as well as irrigation and fire-fighting systems.


Apart from using a reliable, renewable energy source, this pump system is designed for easy use and requires no maintenance. It is ideal for supplying water in remote areas, where the normal power supply of electricity to the power grid is inconsistent or completely unavailable.

Included with the solar pump kit

  • ICON solar motor
  • Pump
  • Motor controller - will enable automatic switching between DC and AC power

Not included with the solar pump kit

Solar panels

Purchase the solar panels separately in a kit that is either pole or ground mounted. All panels are 300W and you can choose between two 300W panels up to ten 300W panels to form your array, depending on how much power you require to pump the amount of water you need. Allflow can assist with these calculations.

The solar arrays are available as a separate product.

Sizes and specifications

Capacity /
max flow (L/m)
Max head (m) BSPF outlet
25 100 1 1/4"
40 65 1 1/4"
70 45 1 1/4"
100 70 1 1/4"
190 45 2"

Pumps powered by the sun

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The point of submersible pumps

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