Crustbuster septic tank agitator

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The Crustbuster septic tank agitator is the ultimate hand held, powerful agitator for septic tanks, grease traps and car wash pits.

The power-head comes fully assembled and attaches to the shaft with a 3/8" allen head bolt. The 2 blade and 3 blade models are easily interchangeable on the shaft. Vinyl hood covers and brackets for truck mounting are also available.


  • Lightweight power-head features a durable 2.5hp, 720rpm high speed transmission
  • Mixes a 7500 litre tank in less than 5 minutes. Mixes commercial and residential tanks up to 75,000 litres
  • Eliminates the need to add hundreds of litres of water
  • The 2 blade collapsible model fits through a 4 inch pipe, and blade expands to 13 inches in diameter during operation. This is our most popular configuration
  • The 3 blade model is not collapsible and requires a 12 inch diameter hole or larger
  • The 2 blade and 3 blade models are interchangeable on the standard shaft
  • Shaft extensions are also available
  • Foam gripped handles ensure grip is secure and easy on hands
  • Saves wear and tear on vacuum pumps
  • One year warranty on power-head

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