Boomer hose

Size: 5"
Material: Rubber
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The BOOMER™ is a heavy duty corrugated industrial sewer vacuum hose.

I'ts made with a 6.35mm thick red gum rubber tube for abrasion-resistance. The corrugated black conductive SBR/NR blend cover provides abrasion and ozone-resistance as well as increased hose flexibility. It is ideal for dry or wet abrasive materials and can be grounded.

For customers who are looking for the ideal hydroexcavation hose to dig in and around critical underground services, the BOOMER hose is a beast. It can take the heaviest of materials transfer and it's super flexible, even in the freezing cold. It is an investment hose, but the gum rubber internal layer is designed to allow sharp rock and debris to bounce of the side of the hose rather than dig in and destroy the internal properties of the suction hose.

The BOOMER is also useful if you're operating a suction boom on your vacuum tanker.

You can buy this hose only at Allflow. This hose is priced per metre


  • Material handling suction/discharge.
  • Industrial vacuum equipment applications.
  • Great hose for dry or wet abrasive materials.
  • Popular hose for vacuum truck industry where a rugged and durable hose product is needed.
  • Drill cutting suction hose in mobile drilling rigs.


  • Tube - 1/4" thick red gum rubber tube for abrasion-resistance.
  • Reinforcement - High tensile textile fabric with embedded steel helical wire.
  • Cover - Corrugated black conductive SBR/NR blend cover for abrasion and ozone-resistance.

Key features

Abrasion Resistant Tube

1/4" gum rubber tube designed for wet or dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor. Provides for long hose service life.

Heavy Duty Construction

Thick tube and cover, high tensile strength fabric and durable steel helix wire designed for high pressure and vacuum application. All sizes rated to full vacuum, and PSI safety factor 3:1 (2"-8") and 2.5:1 (10").

Grounding Wire

Steel wire helps prevent the build-up of static electricity and to help keep material flowing smoothly. This product is designed to help dissipate statis electricity when the metal wire is properly connected to the ground through the fitting or other means.

“Cold-Flex” Materials

Hose remains flexible in sub-zero temperatures.


  • Service temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to +212°F (+100°C)
  • Inside diameter: 6 inches / 152mm
  • Outside diameter: 7.04 inches / 174mm
  • Maximum recommended WP (psi): 150 / 10 bar
  • Vacuum HG: 30 inches
  • Minimum bend radius (inches at 20°C/68°F) 24 degrees

Rubber hose is where it's at

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