Rossmore Tanks trusts Allflow's vacuum tanker products and advice

“When you can’t stand the smell, give us a yell…” is Rossmore Tanks' tag line.

Steve Tyler-Whiteman, owner of Rossmore Tanks, is known as the Bog Doc and his business is located in Whangerei where it services all of mid-Northland.

Rossmore Tanks is a specialist service that cleans septic tanks, grease traps, water tanks, interceptors, and removes waste. The service is a 24/7 operation and it keeps Steve, his wife Karla, and seven staff busy.

Steve bought the business in 2001 when there was only one truck operating part-time. Now, he has four trucks operating full time.

“I’ve grown this company by keeping up with my industry,” Steve says. “I read Pumper Magazine from the States and I know that the Europeans lead the way in this industry. I know which products are reliable and I want those for my company.”

One of the reasons he works with Allflow is because they supply him with quality brands for his pumps and parts.

“I buy all my vacuum truck equipment from Allflow. Hoses, manways, shut-off valves, vacuum pumps, taps, oil coolers, you name it.

“When I first met Maska Lewis (Allflow’s Account Manager – Vacuum Truck Sales), I only bought hose. But it was quality hose, the TigerFlex brand. It handles kinking and it’s really suited to what I do, pumping septic tanks, grease traps, and pump chambers. Then, I started buying other equipment because Maska’s a good guy, his service is sharp, and to be honest, the quality of the product was superior.”

Steve says that he was impressed when he saw that Allflow stocked the brands he read about in Pumper Magazine.

“It’s important to me that I can get product that is recognised in larger countries like the US. Italy leads the world in pumping technology, and Allflow stocks a number of the Italian manufacturers of pumps and parts too. Having top quality product helps my business because the product lasts longer and performs better, which saves me money.”

In the last few years, Steve reconditioned three of his trucks using Allflow supplied equipment.

“The Moro pumps are robust, bulletproof really, and they are quieter,” Steve says. “I was looking to change one of my trucks from a larger oil vane pump and Maska suggested the Moro oil vane pump. We chucked it on and it’s worked a treat. Maska even had the Moro rep from Italy have a look at it when he was in New Zealand. That was two years ago and since then the truck has been working perfectly, it hasn’t needed a single replacement part or repair.

“The guys at Allflow always have a solution. If they say they are going to do something, they make it happen.”

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