A tree lined drive with a fence across a road with a sign on it saying Adventure Inn.

“I would in a heartbeat use them again”

The owners of Adventure Inn Marahau, the only 100% dedicated backpacker accommodation on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park, are getting ‘exceptional results’ with their Klaro wastewater system installed by Allflow.

Hamish McIver purchased the property in the centre of Marahau near other tourist businesses in 2015. Over the following two years, he built the family-run backpackers and researched self-contained wastewater systems for the hostel.

“Initially I engaged a wastewater consultant who worked within Tasman District Council’s guidelines. He prepared three recommendations and I did the rest of the research before choosing a final option. The Klaro system that Allflow sells and installs was new to me. My business has installed other wastewater systems before, but we have never used one that works like Klaro.”

The key benefit of a Klaro system is that it ensures water is cleaned and returned to the environment in a sustainable way. It’s efficient, easy to maintain, and environmentally safe, a key factor for the close-knit Marahau residential community.

“Overseas the Klaro system had very good reviews,” Hamish says. “I rang Alastair (Lewis, Allflow wastewater expert) up and asked him some direct questions about what I was looking for. What I learned was the Klaro system was actually a superior system to the ones I had previously installed.”

Based in Germany, Klaro has more than 300,000 users of its systems worldwide and in New Zealand, the system’s operations more than comply with New Zealand resource management plans.

“The results we are getting are exceptional, with testing done frequently and registered with the Council. Understandably, some members of our small community have been interested in our operations to insure there’s minimal impact. The wastewater testing reports are public and the operations have exceeded our expectations, so we’re happy and people in the community tell me they are supportive as well.”

Residents had good reason to be supportive because Allflow installed the wastewater system in operation at the Department of Conservation’s information centre and café a few years back, also a Klaro system.

Alastair says, “As we installed a similar system for DoC practically next door, the quality of our work was evident. I think this gave Hamish confidence in our product.”

Adventure Inn Marahau uses the Klaro 45 PE with a capacity to process 9,000 litres per day. Underground there are four 9,000 litre tanks and one 5,000 litre pump chamber, all concrete. Allflow’s team of partners at Alpha Precast and Annesbrook Plumbing and Drainage collaborated on the installation.

Installation went to plan and Hamish says he was impressed with the team’s management of the local tidal issues and their speed in working against rising water levels.

“Everyone was calm and undertook installation quickly so that we could get everything in place before the tides came back in. The whole thing went like clock-work.”

Best of all, Hamish says he’s had no customer feedback at all on the system.

“No feedback on the wastewater system is a great thing! That means it’s working right.”

Hamish, who had never heard of Klaro wastewater systems or Allflow, says now he would use both again “in a heartbeat.”

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